Brook Trout

Brook Trout Esnagammi Brook Trout

Our Brook Trout are caught either on the Esnagami River, or in an area known as “Wonderland,” which features a series of natural, artesian spring fed ponds.

We would recommend bringing a rod in the 5 - 6 weight category, rigged with a floating line with a sink tip, combined with a 4 - 7ft. fluorocarbon leader in 6 – 8lb. test.

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Bring an assortment of streamers, wet, dry flies and nymphs such as:

  • Streamers, in black, white, yellow and purple, 2” – 3” in size.
  • Dry flies such as black gnats, ants, spiders, mayflies (white and brown), hopper patterns in brown and grey, caddis and white bombers in larger sizes.
  • Egg sucking leeches, Clouser’s and other minnow patterned flies.
  • Larger size Dragon Fly nymphs in green and brown, as well as Stone Fly nymphs in black and brown.

Esnagami Brookies