A second option for some great Brook Trout fishing is an area that we refer to as "Wonderland."

Located just a short boat ride from the lodge, this series of sheltered, artesian spring fed ponds provides an ideal environment for either the wet or dry fly enthusiast.

The scenery is stunning in it’s own right, and there are plenty of Trout in the 12" to 14" range, with fish up to 20" caught from time to time.

To book Wonderland for your exclusive use, either for a full morning or afternoon of fishing simply put your name on the sign up sheet located in our tackle shop.


We would recommend bringing a rod in the 5 - 6 weight category, rigged with a floating line with a sink tip, combined with a 4 - 7ft. fluorocarbon leader in 6 – 8lb. test.

Bring an assortment of streamers, wet, dry flies and nymphs such as: 

  • Streamers, in black, white, yellow and purple, 2" – 3" in size.
  • Dry flies such as black gnats, ants, spiders, mayflies (white and brown), hopper patterns in brown and grey, caddis and white bombers in larger sizes.
  • Egg sucking leeches, Clouser’s and other minnow patterned flies.
  • Larger size Dragon Fly nymphs in green and brown, as well as Stone Fly nymphs in black and brown.