Our Location

Nakina, Ontario, Canada P0T 2H0 (807) 329-5209

Our planes leave from the air base on Cordingley Lake just north of Nakina. It is just a short 10 minute flight from our air base to the Main Lodge on Esnagami Lake. Please phone for exact times.

How to Reach Us
By Air:

  • Your own aircraft - Direct to Nakina or Geraldton
  • Charter Service - Air Canada, Northwest, or Westjet: from most major cities to Thunder Bay
  • Nakina Air Service: Thunder Bay to Nakina
  • Car Rental or Taxi Service availible to float plane base (please call for details)

By Road:

  • Drive: Duluth to Thunder Bay Hwy. 61, Thunder Bay to Geraldton, Hwy. 11 then to 584 to Nakina
  • Drive: Toronto to Nakina via Hwy. 400, 11 and 584
  • Drive: Sault Ste. Marie to Nakina via Hwy. 17, 631, 11 and 584

Motels and Restaurants on the way

Nakina Motels:
1. Nakina Air Service Cabin Tel.: 807-329-5752
2. Pennocks' - Shores Motel Tel.: 807-329-5265
3. R & D Apartments Ross And Doris Smith phone: Tel.: 807-329-5872
4. 584 Bed And Breakfast Tel.: 807-329-8584 Or 329-5655

Geraldton Motels (45 min to Nakina):
1. Silver Nugget Motel Tel.: 807-854-0911
2. The Victoria Bed & Breakfast Tel.: 807-854-2048
3. Crown & Anchor Motel (has restaurant) Tel.: 807-854-1985

Longlac Motels (1 hour to Nakina):
Woodlands Motel (has restaurant) Tel.: 807-876-2264

Hornepayne Motel (3 1/2 hours to Nakina):
Uncle's Restaurant And Lodge, Hwy 631, Hornepayne Ontario, P0M 1Z0 - Tel.: 807-868-3237.
If Busy, please call the business line at (Tel.: 807) 868-3232 or email: owner/manager Kerry Wood - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wawa Motels (5 hours to Nakina):
1. Sportsman Motel Tel.: 705-856-2272
2. Wawa Motor Inn Tel.: 705-856-2278

Sault Ste. Marie (8 hours to Nakina):
1. Adams Motel Tel.: 705-254-4345
2. Comfort Inn Tel.: 705-759-8000
3. Water Tower Inn Tel.: 705-949-8111

Thunder Bay Motels (3 1/2 Hr To Nakina):
1. Landmark Inn Tel.: 807-767-1681
2. Victorian Inn Tel.: 807-577-8481

Hearst Motel (3 1/2 Hours To Nakina):
Campanion Motel 1-888-468-9888

Note: As several vehicle and moose accidents occur each year, it is recommended that you do not travel after dark once you are in Northern Ontario!