Walleye & Whitefish

Walleye are abundant both in Esnagami Lake, and throughout the Esnagami River system.

They will readily take a fly, and provide some great action, particularly when caught in fast moving water. Walleye up to 24" have been taken on a fly by our guests.


If you would like to try your hand at catching some Walleye, a rod in the 6 – 8 weight category, rigged with a floating line with a fast sink tip, and a 4ft. - 6lb. test fluorocarbon leader is recommended. 

Popular flies include, 3” – 6” deceivers, Clouser Minnows, bunny strips and perch/shiner patterns in natural colors.

As an added bonus they make delicious shore lunch fare!


Often overlooked, but nevertheless a formidable opponent on a fly rod, Esnagami Lake features excellent early spring action for Whitefish.

Once hooked, these 1 to 3 pound fish are capable of some impressive aerobatics.

The same tackle, including the fly patterns you would use for Walleye are also perfect for Whitefish.