Esnagami 2020 Covid-19 Protocols

Dear Friends,

First of all, we hope this post finds everyone safe and healthy. We know that there are a lot of uncertainties right now in the world and our current way of life has been disrupted. The purpose of this post is to help answer some of your questions regarding a fly in trip to Esnagami Lodge this summer.

We can't underestimate the power of social responsibility in drastically reducing the spread of COVID-19, and we need everyone on board for it to work.

To ensure we are providing a safe environment for our staff and guests, we will be implementing the following procedures and protocols:

First of all, we are entrusting everyone to be “socially responsible.” This means if you are feeling unwell, or having any symptoms of COVID-19 such as: a dry cough, fever, difficulty breathing, or fatigue we ask that you do not make the trip. In addition it is important to practice social distancing and frequent hand washing.

From the moment our guests arrive at Esnagami Wilderness Lodge, we want you to feel safe. This year, when flying with Nakina Air Service, there will be a plexiglas wall between the cockpit and passenger area. No one will be allowed to sit in the front with the pilot. All planes will be sanitized before boarding. The pilot will be wearing a mask and all passengers will be required to bring their own mask to wear on the flight into and out of the lodge. NAS will only be flying with their larger aircrafts, such as the Otter and Cessna Caravan.

When you arrive on Esnagami's main dock, we will kindly ask you to use hand sanitizer that will be provided. As per usual, our staff will assist you in transporting your gear to your cabin. In order to reduce traffic to the main lodge on the “incoming day”, we will have one of the Esnagami Staff come to your cabin to take lunch orders for those on the American Plan Package, as well as provide a camp orientation. This is also a good time to let us know any special requests that your group may have.

HAND SANITIZER: Hand sanitizer stations will be provided inside every cabin, inside all of the entries into the main lodge (dining room, service kitchen, back kitchen door for staff and lounge door). There will also be hand sanitizer bottles around the dock area and in everyone of our cedar strip boats.

AMERICAN PLAN PACKAGE (which also means the plan where the meals are provided)

We are excited to have Chef Troy back in the kitchen for his 4th season. For meals, guests can chose from the 2 options below:
Option # 1 If we are given the go ahead by the government to offer dining room service, we will be implementing required social distancing between tables and or staggering breakfast/dinner times. The meals will be served family style (food will be on platters for guests to serve themselves)

Option # 2 Staff will deliver meals to cabins. (think “Uber Eats” or “Skip the Dishes”) Staff would wear masks and gloves to deliver meals to the front door of the cabin. There will be a tote bin located outside on the cabin deck to put used dishes and garbage in for the staff to pick up later.
Troy will be preparing delicious meals no matter which of the two options are selected.

LUNCH ORDERS: The lunch orders will be taken the night before. Shore lunch bins or box lunches will be delivered to your boat in the morning.

For groups that decide that they would prefer to do their own meals (HOUSEKEEPING PLAN), we would be happy to
pre-order your groceries and have them in your cabin for your arrival. All you would need to do is send us your grocery order 2 weeks prior to your trip date. These cabins will come with a fully equipped kitchen.

CABIN CLEANING: All cabins will be cleaned and sanitized upon your arrival. There will not be daily cabin cleaning for those on the American Plan this year. Staff will come by after breakfast to replace used towels and pickup garbage. There will be bins available on the decks for this purpose. Prices will be adjusted for the change in services.

LINENS/TOWELS: All of our sheets and towels are commercially cleaned. Bedding & blankets will be washed in between cabin changes. Clean pillows are provided but we suggest that you bring your own this year. Guests that would feel more comfortable bringing their own linens or a sleeping bag are welcome to do so.

BOATS: Boats will be thoroughly cleaned and surfaces disinfected before each new group starts their trip. Additional cleaning will be done as needed on a daily basis.

BEVERAGE / STORE ITEMS / FISHING TACKLE / BAIT / ICE: will be available for purchase and will be delivered to your cabin by our staff.

GUIDE SERVICE: We are still planning on offering a full guide service. Our 18 foot cedar strip boats offer more than adequate space for social distancing between the guests and guide.

FISH CLEANING: There will be bins provided outside of the fish cleaning cabin for each group to place their catch in. Guests will not be permitted to enter the fish cleaning cabin this year.

PAYING YOUR BILL: We ask that trip balances be paid prior to your trip. Incidentals and additional charges can be paid at a designated check out time.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A GUEST EXHIBITS SIGNS OF COVID-19? Esnagami Lodge has the right to ask any guest to leave the camp if they display any COVID-19 symptoms. This would also include the rest of the party members that share the same cabin. Be sure to advise us ahead of time if you suffer from Spring allergies. 

Please note that these procedures maybe subject to change to meet any new requirements issued from the District Health Unit.

We hope that this information has answered some of your questions. Please let us know if you have any other concerns.

Looking forward to seeing you at Esnagami this summer!

Eric & Sue Lund


GPS Navigation on Esnagami Lake

How to find your way back to the lodge

Navigation on Esnagami Lake, even for the first time visitor, can be simple. If you worry that it will be difficult to find your way back to the lodge, help is available. The Esnagami Lake depth chart (map) is included in the Boating US & Canada App by Navionics. The app works with many mobile devices without data (GPS Location must be enabled on the device though) and will help you in navigation on the lake and finding the depth or your favourite fishing sport next time while you are on the water. It’s definitely worth trying.


Terminal tackle set-up on fly fishing for big pike

Esnagami Lodge is starting up a weekly series on fishing tips. Just send us your questions for either tackle or fly fishing, and we will answer one each week.

1. The first is from Bob U... "I have a question regarding your choice of leader while fly fishing for pike/musky. Can you explain what you run and how you attach it? I have experimented with several options but you seem to have it dialed in. I will typically always use a 9ft 8wt, unless it windy or I'm throwing an exceptionally large fly then I will go up to a 9wt".