Side Trips

Side Trips

The portage lakes are as follows:

  • Betty Lake: Pike & Walleye
  • Ara Lake: Pike & Walleye
  • Spotted Lake: Pike & Blue Walleye
  • Wonderland: Brook Trout
  • Esnagami River: Brook Trout & Walleye

Make sure to ask us for maps for Betty Lake, Ara Lake and Spotted Lake, and also for information and tips on any of these side trips.

Esnagami River Guide

Ara Lake, Esnagami, Northern Ontario
Ara Lake, July 2017

Note: The Esnagami River Trip is the only side trip that we charge an extra fee for, as it is a "fully guided" day trip.

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The River Camp

The Esnagami River, which forms part of the Albany River watershed, is noted for its Trophy Brook Trout and excellent Walleye fishing, as well as good Northern Pike fishing. To better take advantage of this superb fishery, we are excited to offer our guests the opportunity to stay at our new Esnagami River Outpost/River Camp, located on this scenic river approximately 25 miles from the lodge.


Come Fly With Me

While the sport of fly fishing has become somewhat demystified over the years, many continue to see it as a way to catch fish, that is best left to those who have an unhealthy fascination with insects and bugs, and likely live in their parents basement.


The Esnagami

A Mighty River is Made Up of Many Single Drops - Afghan Proverb

There is something very special about rivers.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and while we have managed to mess up quite a few of them, there are still an impressive number that, having been left to their own devices, continue to provide us with the opportunity to play at beingLesVoyageur as we travel along them to this day.


The River

The Esnagami River forms part of the Albany River watershed, an area world famous for it’s trophy Brook Trout fishing.

Over 60 km. or 37 miles in length, the Esnagami winds it’s way through virgin boreal forest, and features an endless array of rapids, riffles and eddies that hold some of the biggest Brook Trout the Province of Ontario has to offer.


Brook Trout

Our Brook Trout are caught either on the Esnagami River, or in an area known as “Wonderland,” which features a series of natural, artesian spring fed ponds.


Walleye & Whitefish

Walleye are abundant both in Esnagami Lake, and throughout the Esnagami River system.

They will readily take a fly, and provide some great action, particularly when caught in fast moving water. Walleye up to 24" have been taken on a fly by our guests.



While on the lake, you will be fishing from our custom, hand crafted cedar strip boats.

Powered by reliable and well-maintained Mercury outboards, these 18’ boats are stable, and provide a safe, quiet ride in any and all water conditions.