Side Trips

Side Trips

The portage lakes are as follows:

  • Betty Lake: Pike & Walleye
  • Ara Lake: Pike & Walleye
  • Spotted Lake: Pike & Blue Walleye
  • Wonderland: Brook Trout
  • Esnagami River: Brook Trout & Walleye

Make sure to ask us for maps for Betty Lake, Ara Lake and Spotted Lake, and also for information and tips on any of these side trips.

Esnagami River Guide

Ara Lake, Esnagami, Northern Ontario
Ara Lake, July 2017

Note: The Esnagami River Trip is the only side trip that we charge an extra fee for, as it is a "fully guided" day trip.

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Trophy Catch and Release Contest

At Esnagami Wilderness Lodge, we pride ourselves on taking proactive steps to both maintain and enhance the quality of our trophy fishery.

To support our conservation efforts, in 1990 we implemented a Catch and Release program, that to-date has resulted in over 10,000 trophy fish released!


Northern Pike

There may be no more thrilling, or productive way to catch Northern Pike than on a fly.

Esnagami Lake provides some of the best trophy Northern Pike fishing that you will experience anywhere – and to say that they love to attack a fly is perhaps one of the greatest angling understatements of all time.